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Smart printer can achieve any level of service for customers, including coverage for all weekdays 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with 4 hours response time. We have a record value to ensure customer satisfaction across the entire service experience. We also have a follow-up system to evaluate the technical and professional competence of the engineer.  The smart printer cares beside the follow-up engineers and technicians and update their skills, through training courses and certification to ensure that we are able to meet changing needs and new technologies. In addition, an experienced smart printer team specializing in equipment maintenance to enable its use as much as possible and efficiently, allowing customers to earn the added value of old equipment without having to repurchase.  We provide all services related to desktop computers, mobile devices and printers according to the requirements of the customers and their working environment, in addition to the above.. The most basic and important services we provide:



 1- We consider our main suppliers to provide them with their needs  according to their needs and to provide the best services.     

2. Provide support in terms of software and equipment for the devices provided to customers.

3 - Maintenance of equipment and provide technical and technical offer and spare parts in the event of breakdowns, and replace pieces when needed


Services in the field of printers of various kinds

1- Provide our customers with printers suitable for their work requirements.

2 - Maintenance of printers in the event of any faults and replace the damaged parts.


Services in the supply of inks

1- Supply and supply customers with the types of inks required for their work within the required specifications, and provide the best types.

2- Providing consultation services for types of inks which can be used mainly or replaced with other types suitable to customer requirements.

3 - We are the sole agent of German Imagine Technology to provide customers with the type of ink manufactured by them .. called (Lion).



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